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Poultry Company Ep de Graaf BV is founded in 1935 by Teunis de Graaf, the grandfather of the current management. In 1958 the former owner, Ep de Graaf, started to support his father in the company. At that time the main activities consisted of peddling of chicken products. Nowadays the management of poultry company Ep de Graaf BV is formed by the children of Ep de Graaf; Erik- and Heidi de Graaf.

Meanwhile poultry company Ep de Graaf BV has grown to a modern company which employees about 100 persons divided over 3 locations in Putten, The Netherlands. At these locations a complete assortment of chicken products is being produced. For example we produce chicken fillets, chicken thigh meat, chicken wings, chicken legs, chicken rollades, boiled- and smoked chicken products, Halal chicken fricandelles, Halal chicken burgers etc.  Besides these finished products we also produce semi finished products for the chicken processing industry like mechanically deboned chicken meat, chicken baader meat, chicken breast fillet baader meat, chicken carcasses, chicken backs, chicken skins etc. These semi finished products can be produced according to specific customer demands. Since 2006 we are BRC-Food certified. For more information about our assortment we refer to the header ‘products’ on this website.

At this moment we have 2 freezing facilities with a storage capacity of 1500 pallets and several refrigerators with a storage capacity of 500 pallets. Our customers consist of all kind of companies like: butcher shops, wholesalers, hotels, caterers, snack bars, restaurants and processors. Our customers are located in The Netherlands and abroad as well. The trailer park consistsof 7 trucks. With these trucks we deliver the products to our customers in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Besides this we outsource transport on a daily base to specialized companies.